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Nouvelle8-Piece Cast Iron Set

More Colours
More Colours


Retail: R4,000
Please Note
  • Only items specified are included. Any other furniture pieces, décor and accessories shown in the product photography are excluded.

Cook up a storm in your kitchen with these enamel cast iron 8 piece sets.

Made from solid die-cast iron, these are robust and long-lasting.

Product Features
  • Robust and long-lasting die-cast iron 8 piece cookware set with an enamelled finish
  • All new gold lid handles in the Plum colour option
  • Even an intense heat distribution ideal for various cooking styles and heat sources (Gas, electric solid or radiant plates, vitroceramic glass, induction, fire). 
  • Promotes healthy chemical-free cooking
  • Dishwasher and freezer safe. Easy to clean
  • 1 Year Guarantee 
Product Specifications
  • Nouvelle Cast Iron Roaster - 32cm x32cm (L) x 23cm (W) (excluding handles) ,litre capacity: 3.55L 
  • Nouvelle Cast Iron Oven Pan - 30cm x Diameter: 30cm (excluding handles), litre capacity: 3L 
  • Nouvelle Cast Iron Skillet - 26cm, Diameter:26cm (excluding handles), litre capacity: 1.6L 
  • Nouvelle Cast Iron Casserole - 24cm, Diameter: 24cm (excluding handles), litre capacity: 3.8L  
  • Nouvelle Cast Iron Casserole - 20cm, Diameter:20cm (excluding handles), litre capacity: 2.8L
What's in the box
  • 32cm Cast Iron Roaster
  • 30cm Cast Iron Oven Pan with lid
  • 26cm Cast Iron Skillet
  • 20cm Cast Iron Casserole with lid
  • 24cm Cast Iron Casserole with lid 

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