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8-in-1 Lifestyle DNA Test Kit


Retail: R5,500

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Please Note
  • Due to the nature of this product, it cannot be returned unless sealed and in original packaging
  • Always discuss your results with your medical professional
  • DNA test results may take between 6-8 weeks

knowU is a genetics-based health company that combines advanced genetic testing with encryption technology to create Africa’s first digital Bio-Asset Bank. Their aim is to give you a platform to unlock, interpret and protect your genetic information. Their range of easy to use lifestyle DNA tests will unlock your body’s hidden story and empower your journey to living a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. They know that when it comes to health the one-size-fits-all approach can limit individuals to reach their full potential.

Their lifestyle package is an 8-in-1  kit that includes comprehensive DNA tests for nutrition, wellbeing, fitness, skincare, mental health care, weight management, cardiovascular health and a few interesting traits. In our easy to use test kits, you would find a vial with a cotton swab.  Rub the cotton swab in one of your cheeks and you are all set to go. knowU would collect your sample for analysis thereafter you would receive your personalized knowU lifestyle reports.

knowU Nutrition

You are what you eat, however, your body responds better to certain foods than others, this test will provide insights into how you may be at risk of being deficient in certain vitamins. We provide recommendations for you to manage your nutritional intake. Some of the vitamins include vitamin A, B12, B6, C, D, E.

knowU Wellbeing

We have realised that to effectively manage your health, you need to effectively manage your wellbeing. Some of the topics covered in this report include gluten intolerance, type 2 diabetes, histamine removal as well as different allergies and taste perceptions.

KnowU Fitness

We know that gaining a competitive edge in any sport is the key to success, that’s why we analyse genes associated with providing you with an opportunity to reach your maximum potential. This test provides you with insights on how to practise given your DNA make-up to bring out the best in you. Some of the topics covered are pain tolerance, strength vs endurance, bone health and weight loss in response to exercise.

KnowU Skin Care

The knowU Skin Care provides insights to help you fight the signs of ageing caused by harmful UV rays. This is done through analysing known genes associated with a range of properties relating to sun sensitivity, pigmentation, repair dynamics and antioxidant status to name a few.

knowU Mental Health Care

There is a range of genes that have been clinically associated with key mental health disorders. This test allows you to understand how to better mitigate the risk of onset of a range of neurological disorders, which include addictive behaviour, neurodegenerative disorders, mood regulation and more.

knowU Weight Management

This test provides you with insight into how you can manage your weight. In this test genetics can determine your predisposition to overweight, your tendency for eating between meals, carb overconsumption, weight loss regain and many more.

knowU Cardiovascular Health

When it comes to your cardiovascular system knowing your genetic predisposition risk can help you to take good care of your heart. This test includes omega 3 fat, caffeine, cholesterol as well as your risk of a heart attack and many more. 

knowU Traits

This fun and exciting test might teach you something new about yourself.  In this test, you would find your earwax type, coffee consumption, intelligence, memory, impulsiveness and aggression as well as many more.

Product Features
  • Nutrition
  • Weight Management
  • Fitness
  • Skin Care
  • Well being
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Mental Health Care
  • Traits

For more information please check, knowU.

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