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Brita8.2L Flow Water Filter Dispenser


Retail: R1,000

A holding capacity of more than 8 litres; BRITA filter technology; a puristic design; ease of use thanks to a slide-open lid and a dispensing tap. This is the BRITA fill&enjoy Flow – the solution for people looking for a means of filtering larger quantities of water but without foregoing the appeal of an attractive design and the benefits of BRITA filtration technology. The BRITA fill&enjoy Flow comes in a set together with the company‘s MAXTRA+ cartridge, providing a supply of filtered water that is soft and tasty, and that effectively protects household appliances such as kettles from limescale build-up.

Taste optimization - The MicroFlow Technology uses Micro Carbon Pearls made from carbon of natural coconut shells. These have millions of pores which adsorb and lock away substances such as chlorine and chlorine compounds that im- pair the taste and smell of drinking water.

With the help of ion exchange resin, it reliably reduces the hardness of water, as well as other substances such as lead and copper that may be present in household pipes. This results in soft water that allows hot drinks in particular to develop their full aroma.

Product Features
  • Designed to fit  in the fridge or on the counter
  • Electronic Memo - Reminds the user to exchange the cartridge for optimum filtration results.
  • Sliding lid - Convenient filling with water thanks to newly developed sliding lid.
  • Dispensing tap - Comfortable usage of tap for easy access to filtered water.
  • Easy to use - Practical handles for comfortable transportation and easy assembling and dissasembling make the fill&enjoy Flow a practical kitchen gadget.
  • Good dimensions - BRITA fill&enjoy Flow is designed to fit into fridges (22cm, 21,4 cm, 30,4 cm)
  • Limescale reduction - BRITA optimized water also effectively protects household appliances such as kettles and coffee makers from limescale build-up. 
Product Specifications
  • Capacity: 
    • Total volume of 8.2 litres
    • 8.2 litres (5.2 litres of filtered water)

  • 30.4 x 22 x 21.4 cm (W x H x D)
  • Filter: 

    MAXTRA+ Universal filter cartridge
  • Technology: MAXTRA+ Micro Flow Technology 

What's included

  • 1x BRITA fill & enjoy Flow 
  • 1 MAXTRA + 1x filter
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