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7 Day AM PM Push Button Pill Organiser


Retail: R270

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This deal expired on 2021-02-23.

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This 7-day AM / PM weekly pill organizer is designed for storing a large number of pills and vitamins of all sizes and shapes, in a single place. It makes managing your weekly medicine prescription easy. 

Product Features
  • REMARKABLE DESIGN - The cutting-edge dispenser is constructed to hold the trays separately. Each tray is dedicated to one weekday and has a printed label indicating morning or evening. 
  • VIBRANT COLOURS - The outer case has a transparent design and each lid has a unique bright colour to easily distinguish days of the week. 
  • CONVENIENT AND DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - Our pill organizer box is made of rugged and highly durable plastic, giving this pill organiser longevity. With removable tray and lids, it's extremely easy to load and unload your pills. 
  • TRAVEL-FRIENDLY  - Due to its lightweight and compact shape, it's a perfect dispenser for carrying your supplements and pills while travelling.
  • LARGE CAPACITY PILL ORGANIZER  - You will be able to fit 5 fish oil tablets or 9 large vitamins in each compartment. BPA FREE Our pill organizers are made of food grade plastic, safe for medical use.
Product Specifications
  • BPA free
  • 7 day AM and PM
  • Individual days cannot be seperated
  • Size: 18 x 10.5 x 2.7cm
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