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Weight plates
Summer body
7.5kg or 10kg


Set of 2 x 7.5kg or 10kg Easy Grip Weight Plate

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Retail: R580

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This deal expired on 2020-12-04.

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The Everlast 7.5kg or 10kg Easy Grip Weight Plate Set is made up of 2 x 7.5kg or 2 x 10kg weight plates. These weight plates can be used in conjunction with any Everlast barbell bar, EZ bar or dumbbell bar. Made from cast iron with a hammer tone finish. The cut outs and textured sides make the weight plate easier to grip and hold during workouts when performing exercises such as squat presses, front shoulder raises and a range of other exercises, it also makes lifting and loading the weight plates onto bars easier. The Everlast Easy Grip Weight Plate Set is ideal for strength training.

Product Features
  • 2 x 7.5kg or 2x 10kg Weight plates
  • Hammer Tone Finish
  • Provides Placement for Hands to Ensure a Secure Grip While Performing Squat Presses, Front Shoulder Raises etc
  • Makes Lifting and Loading Weight Plates onto Bars Easier
  • Ideal for Strength Training
Product Specifications
  • Deal includes 2 plates of the same weight (option to checkout multiple)
  • 7.5kg or 10kg weight options
  • Material: Cast Iron
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