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Fever Tree6x 230g Fly & Mosquito Repellent Candles


Retail: R780

Delightfully fragranced. Natural fly and mosquito repellent candles that are safe for use around food, children and pets. Perfect for camping and outdoor gatherings.

Product Features
  • SABS tested formulation
  • 2x more effective than citronella
  • Superior fly repellent
  • Citronella fragrance cannot be masked
  • Extra large wax pool
  • Scents available:
    • Aloe: 
      • Waking up in a field of lilies and jasmine, revelling in the sweet florals before being refreshed by sweet apple, aloe and cucumber and finally dipping a toe in the cold ocean, revelling in the crisp ozonic finish. A journey within the fragrance.
      • Top notes: lily, jasmine
      • Mid notes: aloe, green apple, cucumber
      • Base notes: ozonic notes
    • Berries
      • Raspberries and creamy strawberry notes give way to stone fruits like peach and apricot and a subtle melon forming the basis for the final whisp of minty freshness. Sweet refreshment found in a summer medley.
      • Top notes: raspberries, strawberry cream
      • Mid notes: stonefruits, peaches, apricot, melon
      • Base notes: mint
    • Herbal
      • Sweet smoky chamomile and lavender line the entrance to a forest to reveal lemon verbena, lime, freshly cut grass and mint before all greenery disappears to reveal a strong amber and musk. A stroll through a forest of freshness and earthiness.
      • Top notes: chamomile, lavender
      • Mid notes: lemon verbena, lime, mint, freshly cut grass
      • Base notes: musk, amber
    • Lemon & Basil
      • A bouquet of roses is offset by subtle hints of lemon. The sweet and tart notes open to reveal clean basil and lemongrass that develop to a zenith of freshness and end in a whisper of earthy aromas, tonka and a warming musk.
      • A beautiful perfume marrying sweetness and acidity in a union of subtlety, grounded in a powerful oak finish.
      • Top notes: rose, lavender and subtle hints of fresh lemon
      • Mid notes: fresh basil, lemongrass and orange blossom
      • Base notes: tonka, musk and earthy aromas
    • Summer
      • His bass grounded in cool clary sage and a powerful aquatic freshness while her soprano scatters lilies and roses amongst the precious woods. Waves of freshness crash to rejuvenate the pair once more. A fragrance reminiscing on an old summer romance.
      • Top notes: clary sage, lemon, ozonic, fresh
      • Mid notes: lily, rose, geranium
      • Base note: precious woods, amber
Product Specifications
  • 6x 230g candles
  • Weight: 230g per candle
  • Burn Time: 30 Hours per candle
  • Active Ingredient: Natural Lapa Oil 25g/kg
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