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5 x Ristretto (Intensity 11)
5 x Ristretto (Intensity 11)

L'OR5x 10 Nespresso Compatible Aluminium Coffee Capsules

50 Total
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50 Total
More options


Retail: R480
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Please Note
  • Disclaimer: Nespresso® is a registered trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A. The products and services displayed are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Nespresso®, nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by Nespresso®.
  • L’OR has created an aluminium capsule, specially designed to be used with Nespresso®* Original coffee machines, with the exception of U®*, Umilk®*, Expert®*, Expert&Milk®*, Prodigio®* and Prodigio&Milk®* models bought after 25 July 2016.

Every cup of L'OR coffee is an opportunity to live a unique experience: a moment of pure coffee pleasure, without complexity. L'OR has created a new generation of aluminium capsules, specifically designed to be used with Nespresso coffee machines. Let yourself be captivated by intense and aromatic espressos, with an indulgent creamy layer

Follow your senses and let yourself be overwhelmed by the intensity of its aroma. Discover a new balance between sweet and full-bodied flavours. Be enchanted by L'OR, probably the best coffee in the world.

L'OR. Why Pursue anything else than Gold

L'OR Ristretto Intensity 11

Carefully considered RISTRETTO dazzles the senses with its expressive fresh persona and powerful spicy aroma, an ideal Ristretto blend that makes striving for espresso perfection an intensely unforgettable journey.

  • Flavours: Powerful, Expressive, Ideal
  • Intensity: 11
  • Ideal Preparation: Ristretto/Espresso

L'OR Lungo Profondo Intensity 8

LUNGO PROFONDO rises the volume with an intense and spicy aroma of roasted almonds and tantalizing liquorice, rounded out with a shimmering bronze crema layer.

  • Flavours: Intense, Spicy, Tantalising
  • Intensity: 8
  • Ideal Preparation: Lungo

L'OR Espresso Forza Intensity 9

Unleash the unbridled power of purebred FORZA, a fiery espresso with a well-constructed complexity of oak and liquorice, illuminated by amber tints that dance upon a delicate crema layer.

  • Flavours: Intense, Solid Fiery
  • Intensity: 9
  • Ideal Preparation: Espresso

L'OR Ultimo Intensity 13

The most intense blend yet. This full-bodied coffee has a long and intense aftertaste of roasted coffee and chocolate notes. High-quality Arabica beans have been blended to deliver a pronounced and intense dark roast espresso.

  • Flavours: Powerful, Untameable, Complex
  • Intensity: 13
  • Ideal Preparation: Espresso

L'OR India Intensity 10

L'OR has created a new generation of aluminium capsules, specifically designed to be used with Nespresso®* coffee machines. Let yourself be captivated by intense and aromatic espressos, with an indulgent creamy layer.

  • Flavours: Fruity and spicy notes, yet delicate coffee blend
  • Intensity 10 
  • Compatible capsules for Nespresso Machines.
  • Powerful - Exciting - Daring
  • Ideal Preparation: Ristretto or Espresso

L'OR Colombia Intensity 8

Full-bodied espresso with a complex and tangy character with aromas that will linger.

  • Intensity 8
  • Complex - Tangy - Mystical
  • Ideal Preparation: Espresso

L'OR Papua New Guinea Intensity 7

Fruity tastes and hints of sweet wood are the base of the pronounced aromas of PAPUA.

  • Intensity 7
  • Pronounced - Fruity - Breathtaking
  • Ideal Preparation: Espresso

L'OR Ristretto Decaf Intensity 9

The full-bodied and rich flavour of Ristretto Decaffeinate explores the sturdy side of espresso: a tasteful blend that captures lively woody aromas, layered with notes of toasted almonds and topped by a fine golden crema layer.

  • Intensity 9
  • Rich - Sturdy - Lively
  • Ideal Preparation: Ristretto or Espresso
Product Features 
  • Compatible capsules for Nespresso®* Machines
  • Aluminium Coffee Capsules
  • Coffee grown by UTZ certified farmers
  • Packaged in a protective atmosphere
  • Sold as a pack of 5 (50 capsules of the same flavour)
  • Intense and aromatic espressos
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