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Flash5m 10 Bulbs Solar Powered String Lights


Retail: R700

These solar-powered string lights are 5 meters in length and include 10 bulbs - perfect to light up your garden or patio! It absorbs solar energy during the day, so no electricity is needed to power these up. 

Product Features
  • Light up any area
  • Convenient
  • Versatile
  • Ideal for your patios and garden
  • Can be used for events such as weddings and birthday parties
  • Create a beautiful backyard atmosphere
Product Specifications
  • Waterproof: IP65 rating
  • Length: 5m
  • Bulbs: 10
  • Power: Solar or USB (USB cable not included)
  • Material: Rubber wire
  • Charging time: 6-8 hours (approx)
  • Working time: 12 hours (approx)
  • Built-in 4000MA battery
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