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Sylvanian Families4-Piece Midnight Cat Family


Retail: R580

Father James Midnight has been fascinated by magic tricks since he was a boy, and is now Sylvania’s top magician. He entertains the babies visiting the Amusement Park with fantastic tricks and illusions making them cheer and shout. Once baby Reggie crawled into his top hat, and everyone was very surprised when he popped out again during one of James’s tricks.

Mother Allison Midnight studies the tea leaves, the tarot cards and the stars, and uses them all to tell your fortune. She is an expert at predicting the future, and is often asked about the upcoming weather for big events in Sylvania – but her favourite thing to predict is whether newborn babies arriving will be boys or girls. If you visit Allison’s gazebo at the Amusement Park you’ll find her seated behind her prized crystal ball, waiting for you to cross her paw with silver and receive your reading.

Sister Chantelle Midnight is possibly the most helpful girl in Sylvania! With her parents being so immersed in the magical arts, you’d expect her to have her head in the clouds but she is a hard worker and very conscientious in her studies. Chantelle is always full of bright ideas, and a friend in need can always turn to her for help or advice.

Baby brother Reggie Midnight is still very small so can’t do a huge amount for himself yet, but his parents can tell he has inherited their love of the mystical and think he will be quite a free spirit when he grows up. Reggie is obsessed with his father’s top hat, and can often be found hiding inside it.

Product Features
  • Stimulate creative play
  • Figures are dressed in lovely fabric clothing
  • Posable family set
  • Suitable for Ages: 3 Years to 10 Years
What's in the box?
  • 1x Midnight Cat father
  • 1x Midnight Cat mother
  • 1x Midnight Cat
  • 1x Midnight Cat baby
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