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Divine Petals
Divine Petals

Comfort3x 800ml Deluxe Perfume Fabric Conditioner

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Retail: R230
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ETA: 3-5 working days



Clothes will smell and feel great to the touch with long-lasting fragrance, thanks to Comfort Fabric Conditioners’ encapsulated fragrance technology that continues to release bursts of fragrance from your clothes as you move.
Comfort Concentrated fabric conditioner also saves your time by making clothes easier to iron, promoting faster drying time and maintaining the colour and shine of garments.

To use, pour 1 cap (40ml) of Comfort Concentrated Perfume Deluxe Fabric Softener 800ml with your laundry detergent / liquid detergent per regular load of washing into the specified drawer of your front-loading washing machine. For top loaders, add in the final rinse water of your washing cycle. Don’t pour directly onto clothes. For top loaders, don't add bleach, starch or washing powder to your final rinse. For hand washing, use 1 cap (40ml) per regular wash. Use 1/2 cap (20ml) per wash for small loads. Wash hands after use.

Make Comfort Concentrated Perfume Deluxe clothing softener as part of your regular laundry routine for beautiful, longer lasting fragrance and clothes that are soft to the touch.

Heavenly Nectar

Delight your senses with a floral fruity fragrance consisting of berries and velvety vanilla with Comfort Concentrated Fabric Conditioner Perfume Deluxe Luxury Heavenly Nectar 800ml.


Delight your senses with a vibrant, zesty citrus, floral fruity note with a modern, woody Amber signature with Comfort Concentrated Fabric Conditioner Perfume Deluxe Luxury Lily 800ml.

Divine Petals

Delight your senses with a symbol of nature and simplicity.
Comfort Concentrated Fabric Conditioner Perfume Deluxe Luxury Pink Divine Petals 800ml is a combination of fresh white florals & French roses, refreshed with a hint of crisp greenness and soothing Cedarwood.

Product Features
  • Comfort Perfume Deluxe
  • Clothes feel great
  • Smell amazing
  • Long-lasting
  • Easier to iron
  • Faster drying
  • Maintains colour and shine
  • Releases bursts of fragrance as you move!
Product Specifications
  • Pack of 3 x 800ml bottles (All same scent)
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