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Lavender Fresh - Bundle Contents
Lavender Fresh - Bundle Contents

Sta-Soft3x 500ml Fabric Conditioner Refills

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Retail: R150
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Spring Fresh:

There is nothing like the crisp, clean scent of Spring. Sta-Soft Spring Fresh leaves your clothes smelling beautifully fresh and incredibly soft all day. It contains floral essences to give your clothes a fresh, clean scent that your family will love.

Lavender Fresh:

What could be more relaxing than nature’s own aroma? Sta-Soft Lavender Fresh contains a delicate and uniquely South African blend of herbal notes with nostalgic fields of Lavender. It will leave your clothing soft, with a truly tranquil fragrance your family will love.


Delicate skin needs the gentlest touch Sta-Soft Baby is specially formulated for your little one's sensitive skin. It is a hypoallergenic fabric conditioner that is suitable for you and your baby. It will pamper your and your family’s senses with its soothing scent while ensuring clothing is unbeatably soft.

Aromatherapy Passion:

Sta-Soft Aromatherapy Passion with 50% more fragrance will make your soul sing, while also ensuring your clothes are beautifully soft and look newer for longer. Immerse your senses with this  intense, luxurious scent whilst also providing your clothes with a longer- lasting fragrance and irresistible freshness

Aromatherapy Indulgence:

Sta-Soft Aromatherapy Indulgence with 50% more fragrance will brighten your day and have your clothes looking newer for longer. The indulgent, floral scent will excite your senses and leave your clothes feeling unbeatably soft with an  irresistible and long-lasting freshness

Aromatherapy Relax:

Sta-Soft Aromatherapy Relax allows you to indulge in a sense of all day tranquillity with 50% more fragrance. The calming scents of nature unite to soothe your sense and make your clothes burst with an irresistible and long-lasting freshness while keeping them incredibly soft and looking newer for longer.

Product Features
  • Pack of 18 (500ml Refills)
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