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Aichin Beauty

30ml Red Pomegranate Natural Face Serum


Retail: R250

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Please Note:
  • Due to the nature of this product, it cannot be returned unless sealed and in original packaging.

Aichun pomegranate nourishing collagen serum is known for Hydrating and moisturizing effectively. It also relieves eye skin problems. Originally collaxyl targets the small molecule protein in the human body and penetrates microgrooves and wrinkles - repairing and healing. The serum rapidly provides nutritional ingredients needed by cells, which allow skin cells to recover vitality like a rebirth. Rapidly filling pores and lines.

Red pomegranate serum is effective for dehydrated, dry and puffy skin. It soothes the cells and provides essential nutrition to help build cells.

Product Features
  • 30ml
  • You can expect results between 2-3 weeks of regular use.
  • Use morning and evening
  • Makes you look great
  • Great gift
  • How to use:
    • After Cleaning your face, Take 3-5 drops in the palm of your hand and apply it to your face.
    • Massage into the skin until all product has been absorbed.
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