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Purly2x Sticky Cleaning Balls for Handbags

More Colours
More Colours


Retail: R260

Tired of crumbs and dirt in your purse or bag? The Clean Ball was designed to solve any lady's worst nightmare, a dusty handbag. With a sticky inside ball in a plastic honeycomb outer, all you need to do is toss it in your bag, and as it rolls around it helps clean up all those crumbs and dirt! All the dirt sticks to the inner ball and the outer ball prevent it from sticking to the lining of your bag. Easy to open up and features a washable inner ball for endless reusability.

How to Use

  • To access the sticky ball simply open up the perforated ball by squeezing the sides, popping open the outer shell
  • Rinse the inner sticky ball with lukewarm water to remove any crumbs and dust
Product Features
  • Pack of 2 (same colour)
  • Small and practical: smaller than a golf ball! 
  • Easily fits in any bag
  • Perfect gift for any man or woman to use in their handbag or purse
  • Pack contains one pink and one black cleaning ball
Product Specifications
  • Color: Pink or Black
  • Material: PVC
  • Size: 4cm
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