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Phone not Included
Phone not Included
Pack of 2
Full front and back
Self healing
Scratch resistant
Screen protector
Protective film
Easy to apply!


2x Self-Healing Protective Film Screen Protector Kits for Smartphones


Retail: R1,000
Excludes shipping
Discovery Miles / eB: 1 990
Estimated delivery in 3-5 working days
ETA: 3-5 working days
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Made from the same polyurethane protective film that is used to protect cars and aircrafts, it is NOT glass but rather a full front and back self-healing protective film. 

No loss of multi-touch display response: A number of screen protectors can harm the responsiveness of your screen; however this Lamin8 Self-Healing Protective Film will not affect your screen's responsiveness in any way - allowing you to enjoy the same ease of use as before you applied the screen protector

Adds minimal bulk to your phone: Despite being the ultimate in screen protection for your device, the Lamin8 Self-Healing Protective Film is very discreet. It only adds an almost imperceptible amount of extra thickness to your phone, so you can be sure it is safe from harm while looking as good as new.

Easy to apply and remove: Some screen protectors can be fiddly to apply, but not with this one. You will be able to apply your self-healing film by removing the backing sheet from the screen protector and spraying the sticky side of the protector with the gel.

Product Features
  • Lamin8 Screen Protectors are is self-healing of minor scratches by themselves – no need to even heat them away!

  • It adds an extremely tough skin to the device's glass 
  • It is wet applied which allows for easy repositioning or even reapplying for perfect alignment
  • It can be peeled off and realigned if necessary during the initial application
  • It is better than glass as it is not fragile nor is it a stiff single unit that can trap moisture behind it
  • There is no loss of screen sensitivity or feel
  • It reduces fingerprint marks on the screen
  • Lamin8 Screen Protectors follows the curves of screens like the Samsung Galaxy Edge range providing a perfect all-around fit
  • Screen protectors are available for the front and rear of mobile phones - ideal for modern glass backed devices
  • If dust particles are trapped on the screen when applying the Lamin8 Screen Protectors, it won't leave the bubbles normally associated with more rigid covers. 
  • The Lamin8 Screen Protectors will simply wrap itself around the dust particle.

You will find everything you need to apply your screen protector in the Lamin8 Screen Protector kit.


We suggest doing your application in the evening so you can leave it overnight to set. After applying your screen protector, use your fingers to press and wipe the edges down. Doing this a number of times will warm up the screen protector and help it shape to the curve. When done, leave your phone overnight before refitting your cover.

Please follow the video below for the application instructions. You can also download a copy of the application instructions insert here.

Remember to be careful not to drop the cover or touch any surfaces or clothing with the adhesive side or you may trap dust and fibres!

What's in the Box

1 x Application Instructions

This insert has a step by step process for applying your Lamin8 Screen Protector. If you need a little more assistance, you can follow the installation video instructions we prepared.

1 x Lamin8 Screen Protector

Your Lamin8 Screen Protector has been made from an extremely advanced material. You will need to peel the screen protector from its backing sheet. We recommend washing your hands before you peel it as well as apply some of the lubrication gel spray to your fingertips to ensure you do not leave fingerprints trapped between your screen protector and the screen.

1 x Chamois Cloth

This chamois cloth should be moist and will be used to clean your device's screen of dust, oil and dirt. If your cloth is dry, you can simply add some water to it and squeeze it out.
We suggest thoroughly cleaning your device to ensure the best application results.

1 x Lamin8 Lubrication Gel Spray

The gel spray will be sprayed onto your phone and the back of the screen protector. It will activate the bonding material on the screen protector as well as provide lubrication between the phone and screen protector allowing you to easily slide the screen protector around in order to get it perfectly aligned.

Although this liquid is non-toxic you should not eat it. Should you however accidentally ingest it, please drink large amounts of water and seek medical advice.

Avoid getting it into your eyes. Flush with running water for 5 minutes should you get it in your eyes.

This liquid will not harm your device and will evaporate naturally over the next 24 hours.

1 x Squeegee

This looks like a stiff business card and you will use this to firmly press your screen protector onto your device whilst pushing out the application lubricant.
On the squeegee, you will see a QR barcode that will take you to the installation video.

Any small bubbles under your screen protector will naturally disappear over the following 24 hours. You can however safely use your device after you have applied your screen protector.

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