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Ristretto Style
Ristretto Style

Douwe Egberts2x 200g Instant Coffees

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More options


Retail: R400
Excludes shipping
ETA: 3-5 working days
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A great cup of coffee should be savoured and enjoyed. It should be a moment of indulgence that allows you to completely immerse yourself in the delight of an expertly blended coffee.

Douwe Egberts has over 260 years of rich history that has been dedicated to ensure that you receive a wide range of expertly blended quality coffees. It is that good.

Ristretto Style:

Douwe Egberts Ristretto Style is a speciality blend, 100% pure freeze-dried instant coffee.

  • A powerful, bold dark blend. Perfectly balanced with intense characteristics and powerful aromatic flavour.
  • Intensity: 5/5


Douwe Egberts Brazil is a full-bodied, 100% pure freeze-dried instant coffee.

  • Aroma-rich, bright and well-rounded. An expertly selected, roasted and crafted coffee.
  • Intensity 4/5
Mocha Kenya:
Douwe Egberts Mocha Kenya is a rich & exotic, 100% pure freeze-dried instant coffee.
  • Inspired by Africa, an aromatic and full-bodied coffee for a more adventurous coffee experience - with complex berry tones and a creamy caramel finish.
  • Intensity 4/5
Pure Indulgence:
Douwe Egberts Pure Indulgence is a dark roast, 100% pure freeze-dried instant coffee.
  • A rich and full-bodied, classic dark roast. Earthy, warm and aromatic.
  • Intensity 5/5
Espresso Style:
Douwe Egberts Espresso Style is a bold & intense, 100% pure freeze-dried instant coffee.
  • A dark roast coffee, nicely rounded with intense, bold flavours and a strong character.
  • Intensity 4/5
Pure Gold:
Douwe Egberts Pure Gold is a full-bodied, 100% pure freeze-dried instant coffee.
  • A medium roast with a rounded, well-balanced flavour, full-bodied and richly aromatic.
  • Intensity 3/5
Product Features
  • Pack of 2 (200g each)
  • Quick and easy preparation: 1-2 spoons of coffee, pour hot water into it, stir - and enjoy the most delicate aromas.
  • 100% pure instant freeze-dried coffee
  • High-quality golden crystals delivering rich sophisticated flavours & preserve the most delicate aromas.
  • Douwe Egberts. It's that good.
  • Expiry Dates:
    • Ristretto Style: 06/11/2025
    • Brazil: 03/11/2025
    • Mocha Kenya: 03/11/2025
    • Pure Indulgence: 04/12/2025
    • Espresso Style: 03/11/2025
    • Pure Gold: 13/10/2025
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