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Gardena24 Bar Pressure Washer AquaClean with Battery Combo


Retail: R4,700

GARDENA presents the AquaClean 24/18V made especially for you and all other proud and passionate house and garden owners. It is passion powered by GARDENA. One of the most versatile pressure cleaners in its class with LED battery check display integrated on the cleaner and 3 power settings delivering 9, 14 and 24 bars of pressure. Ideal for many pressure washer tasks. Cars, bicycles and trash cans can be thoroughly cleaned with the 24 bar medium pressure setting. If required, pressure can be reduced to 14 bar or reduced further to the Soft-Clean mode. This 9 bar Soft-Clean mode is particularly gentle, ideal for delicate material and objects.

Product Features

Battery-operated Medium Pressure Washer AquaClean 18V/24Bar P4A SOLO

  • Adjustable water pressure and optional gentle Soft-clean mode: In addition to a medium pressure of 24 bar, the AquaClean 24/18V P4A offers two further pressure levels of 14 bar and 9 bar for maximum battery efficiency and runtime. The Soft-clean mode with 9 bar is ideal for delicate objects.
  • Light-weight and ergonomic handle: Intelligent design, a high-quality ergonomic handle and low weight of just 1.5 kg are just some of the aspects that make the operation of the mobile medium-pressure cleaner particularly comfortable and easy to handle.
  • Variety of nozzle options, automatic suction and OGS tap connection: The angle of the water jet can be set using either the 15° nozzle or the 40° nozzle, these can also be turned a full 360° in relation to the lance. The 0° nozzle is ideal for cleaning narrow spaces. Thanks to automatic suction, the pressure washer can draw water from a depth of up to 2 m via the hose in the scope of delivery.

Battery Starter Set P4A (Includes quick charger and 1x2.5Ah battery)

  • Easy-care battery cells: The lithium-ion battery cells are easy to care for and maintain
  • Versatile: The battery starter set is compatible with a wide range of Gardena gardening tools, making it a versatile and convenient addition to any gardener's toolkit
Product Specifications

Battery-operated Medium Pressure Washer AquaClean 18V/24Bar P4A SOLO

  • 3 Pressure settings: 9 bar, 14 bar, 24 bar
  • Includes 5 metre suction hose
  • Includes nozzle - 0° , 15° and 40°
  • Warranty: 3 years

Battery Starter Set P4A (Includes quick charger and 1x2.5Ah battery)

  • Recharges battery in 40 minutes
  • Intelligent memory
What's in the Box 
  • 1x Battery operated Medium Pressure Washer AquaClean 18V/24Bar P4A SOLO
  • 1x GARDENA Battery Starter Set P4A (Includes quick charger and 1x2.5Ah battery)
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