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Piz Buin
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Piz Buin

200ml In-Sun Moisturising Sun Lotion SPF15


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Keep your skin protected when you’re in the sun with Piz Buin In Sun Lotion SPF15 and rely on this high factor sun cream to keep your skin safe from the risks of over exposure to the sun. Piz Buin In Sun Lotion SPF15 harnesses the sun protection power of Piz Buin’s patented Helioplex technology to keep your skin safe while you enjoy the sun. Although most people look forward to spending time in the sun and moderate exposure to the sun’s rays can help improve the condition of your skin, over exposure to the sun without protecting your skin can leave you with painful and sometimes serious skin conditions such as sunburn, premature skin aging or even skin cancer. Piz Buin In Sun Lotion SPF 15 gives you 4 star “Superior” protection from UVA rays while the Helioplex technology provides photostable UVA/UVB broadspectrum protection to keep your skin safe in the sun. This sun tan lotion also keeps your skin nourished and hydrated by providing the skin with Vitamin E, which replaces lost skin moisture and repairs damaged skin cells, which helps keep your skin healthy. Take care of your skin while enjoying the sun with Piz Buin In Sun Lotion SPF15 and protect your skin so you can safely build a beautiful tan without damaging it.

Product Features
  • SPF15
  • 200ml
  • Directions for Use:
    • Apply generously and evenly before sun exposure
    • A reduced quantity lowers the protection level significantly
    • Reapply frequently, especially after sweating, swimming or towelling
    • Avoid midday sun and staying too long in the sun even while using sunscreen
    • Keep babies and children out of direct sunlight
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