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Sally-Ann Creed200g ProHydrate


Retail: R150

ProHydrate+ is our latest formulation meant to quickly and effectively combat dehydration. It keeps you and your family healthy and hydrated by combining 3 essential electrolytes, collagen, prebiotics, and l-glutamine. This powerful blend contains no sugar or glucose, so won’t spike your sugar levels, and instead relies on the l-glutamine and collagen to repair your gut, ensuring you can absorb the three vital electrolytes properly. Combined with a prebiotic to feed the healthy gut bacteria, it gets to work restoring your body’s lost electrolytes quickly and effectively, helping you feel restored, revived, and refreshed.

Product Features
  • The liver contributes to detoxification by promoting the production of glutathione, the body’s ‘master’ antioxidant
  • Although every living cell in the body needs glutathione, the liver contains and needs much more of this disease fighting substance than any other organ or tissue in the body
  • However, the body’s glutathione stores are not unlimited and if glutathione in the liver is completely overwhelmed – as occurs in an over toxification of an unwanted substance such as acetaminophen aka paracetamol – liver failure can result
  • Milk Thistle has been shown to naturally stimulate the production of glutathione, therefore it not only supports liver health but also facilitates the liver’s functioning and detoxification process too
  • Expiry Date: Sept 2025
Product Specifications
  • 200g ProHydrate
  • Allergens: None known at the recommended dose
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