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Accessories not included

Deli2-in-1 Glass Desk Whiteboard and Organiser


Retail: R790

The Deli 2-in-1 Glass Desk Whiteboard and Organiser is a sleek, multifunctional tool designed to enhance productivity and keep your workspace tidy. Crafted from glass, this elegant desk accessory offers a durable and stylish surface for jotting down notes, reminders, and to-do lists. Its smooth, erasable surface ensures that your writing is easily wiped clean, providing a reusable and eco-friendly alternative to paper. In addition to its functionality as a whiteboard, this innovative product features a built-in organiser to keep your desk essentials neatly arranged. 

Product Features
  • Durable glass surface
  • Erasable writing area: Easy to clean
  • Write important notes, reminders and write to-do lists
  • Ergonomic computer pad
  • Slot for phones or tablets to rest
  • Accessory storage for quick access
  • Anti-skid silicone feet
  • Modern and minimalistic design
  • Built-in organiser: Multiple compartments to keep pens, markers, and other essentials organised
Product Specifications 
  • Material: Glass and plastic
  • Dimensions: 45 x 15cm
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Welcome to the Future

Once upon a time, like back in the late 90s, it was an absolute joy to take your brand new Nokia 3310 to school to show your friends, complete with its unnecessarily sturdy cover. You'd gather in a little circle and see who could get the highest score on Snake. Later, you'd go home and (while supposedly doing your homework) listen to your favourite music on a CD player covered with stickers of Boyzone and Britney. Life was sweet.

Fast-forward to 2024 and that phone and CD player would these days only be taken to school for 'show and tell' in history class. By now, you see, that stuff is hardly considered 'tech', but 'vintage'. You know what is considered tech, though? A lot of the stuff we're running deals on today in the name of Tech Tuesday!