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12-piece set
Great for beginners & professionals
Vegan & cruelty-free

Beauty By Zar

12-Piece Metallic Pearl Collection Make Up Brush Set


Retail: R1,200

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Please Note
  • For hygiene reasons, exchanges and returns will not be facilitated on these items unless returned sealed, in its original packaging

This exclusive Metallic Pearl Collection Brush Set contains 12 elegant, pearlesque-handled brushes. The soft, dual-toned synthetic bristles are perfect for creating a wide variety of looks.

Product Features
  • The brushes are multipurpose - each brush can be used for more than one application on the face.
  • Each brush is handmade, with synthetic bristles glued in securely to ensure no brush shedding during washing and drying.
  • The brushes are lightweight, with various shapes to fit and apply makeup to all areas of the face.
  • The brushes hold onto product really well, with minimal fallout.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Perfect for beginners and professionals
  • Material: Ferrule - aluminium, Handles - wood
  • *This product does not include a pouch
Product Specifications
  • Set includes:
    • FOUNDATION BRUSH: Buff in your foundation, concealer, cream highlighter or any cream products. The brush hairs are dense and don't soak up the product.
    • CONCEALER BRUSH: Apply concealer, correct winged liner, correct lipstick, correct contour lines, correct eyeshadow and carve out brows- all with a concealer brush that is perfectly straight on either side for applications that require straight lines.
    • LARGE POWDER BRUSH: Dust setting powder onto your makeup to prolong the life of your makeup. Cover larger areas at a time.
    • HIGHLIGHT BRUSH: Beautifully sized and soft enough to apply both cream and powder highlighter, without creating blotches of highlight. Can also be used to apply brush/ bronzer.
    • BLUSHER BRUSH: Apply your blusher without creating blotches. Can also be used for highlighter, bronzer and blending out makeup.
    • ANGLED CONTOUR BRUSH: Apply and blend in your contour and bronzer shades, whether creams or powders.
    • 2 x FLUFFY BLENDING BRUSHES: Apply eyeshadow into the crease, apply and blend concealer under the eyes, contour the cheekbones and nose.
    • FLAT BRUSH: Pat cream or powder eyeshadow onto the eyelid.
    • LIP BRUSH: Angled lip brush with straight edges, perfect for applying lipstick along the curve of the mouth and Cupid's bow.
    • LINER/ BROW BRUSH: Create the sharpest winged liner, or mimic real brow brush hairs with our fine liner brush.
    • PENCIL BRUSH: Apply highlight to the inner corner of your eyes, or add the darkest colour into your smokey eye with our pencil brush.
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