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Stefano & Co.100% Natural Sisal or Seagrass Rug

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Retail: R14,000


Extracted from the Agave Sisalana plant which is farmed in Brazil, Mexico and especially East Africa. The leaves are dense with a fine texture that are hand-picked and then crushed to extract the white fibres which can be spun to yarn. 

The white fibre takes dye extremely well and natural hues are created with subtle fibre blending. The sisal fibre is fine, but strong and is machine woven on high tech machinery to produce very formal woven product. The sisal is very hard wearing, although chunkier weaves can flatten over time. The finer boucle styles are very hard-wearing.


Grown in the tropical climates of China & Vietnam on the banks of rivers. The crop is harvested by hand, dried and twisted into cords before being woven into flooring. The finished product is backed with a latex backing. 

It is completely undyed and it’s grass-like sheath character makes it highly resilient to water-borne stains. Seagrass provides a virtually stain proof hardy floor covering, with good wear life

Please Note:
Seegrass can get mouldy in enclosed living areas but this can be prevented by wiping with a damp cloth regularly


Regular Vacuuming with a strong suction vacuum cleaner is the primary maintenance regime for all Natural Flooring Carpets. Preferably not one with beater brushes. The strong suction of the vacuum pulls out the fine dirt which has accumulated between the fibres. 

This frequent and regular vacuuming will increase carpet life by preventing soil and dirt build-up, even when not obviously visible. Soil and dirt are abrasive and lead to increased wear of the flooring.

Immediate attention to spills is the most important aspect of spot removal on Natural carpets, as it is with most floor covering. The spilled substance should be removed as soon as possible by blotting up with clean, un-dyed paper towels or cloths, or scraped up with a dull knife or nail file. 

Most water-borne spills or oily substances can cause permanent damage to Natural fibre products if not attended to immediately. Certain substances can cause immediate damage.

Clean water can be used to dilute the stain/spot. Water should be dabbed on rather than rubbed and care should be taken to not over-saturate the area. Once the stain is diluted the water should be dried as best possible – blotting with undyed paper-towel or cloth. Gentle use of a hairdryer can help dry the wet area and reduce the chance of leaving a watermark. .

Bleaches and most harsh cleaning products should be avoided.

Product Features
  • Handmade
  • Durable and versatile
  • Stylish
  • Natural fibres and hues
Product Specifications
  • Pile: 10mm
  • Size: 300 x 400cm
  • Fabric construction: Handwoven  
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