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100% natural latex
Restful sleep
Designed to cradle you


100% Natural Latex Pillow


Retail: R900

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  • Due to the nature of this product, exchanges and returns will not be facilitated on these items unless returned sealed, in its original packaging.

The 100% Natural Latex Pillow is composed of millions of tiny cells through which air ceaselessly flows.

This means the pillow “breathes” with you, harmonizing body moisture, keeping it fresh & free from dust-mites & bacteria, & keeping you cool in summer & warm in winter.

perfect for night after night of restful sleep. The 100% Natural Latex Pillow is designed to cradle you.

It completely yields to the contours of the human form, evenly distributing pressure to provide the orthopaedic support absolutely essential for long-term use.

The Pillow rises & falls in rhythm with shifts during sleep. Once you’re done, it springs back to shape, retaining a resilience that lasts for decades.. Made from 100% natural rubber tree sap, this Pillow is an eco-friendly alternative to the harmful synthetic substitutes that make up most bedding products on the market today.

The Natural Latex Pillow has its origins in the lush green rubber plantations in Kerala, India, & is virtually crafted by hand.

With this 100% Natural Pillow, you’re helping grow trees & save the planet.

Product Features
  • Latex material is denser than memory foam or fibre, or even down so that additional support helps keep your neck and spine aligned for a good night's sleep. 
  • Latex is also impression-resistant and can hold its shape for many years while still feeling soft and giving you the right level of sleep support
  • 5 Year Guarantee 
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