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Get Creative
Create anything you want
Hours of fun
Perfect for holidays
Ages 3+
Great gift

Little Artist

10-Piece Modelling Craft Dough Set


Retail: R200

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Cheer up the kids with this set of 10 Creative Skill Dough Game. Kit comes with 10 paste modelling baths in a variety of colours, including orange, purple, blue and pink. With their hands can roll, turn and shape kids dough to have fun creating shapes and patterns. With a little imagination can create anything you want - Children from a Flamingo race to a brown, green. Each buffer tank also has a cover, with which you can image on buffer dough. Among the images you can stamp are an elephant, a tiger and an adorable teddy bear.

Product Features
  • Keep your kids entertained 
  • Gets creative 
  • Fun 
  • Great for holidays
  • Perfect gift 
  • Encourage children to be creative

  • 10 jars of colourful pattern maker dough
  • Each Lid have been engraved  in order to stamp the dough
  • Ideal for games and parties
Product Specifications
  • Colours: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, purple, orange, brown, white, black and pink. 
  • Age: from 3 years
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