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16 May 2019


Pro Tour 10 Hockey Stick

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Super light Kevlar reinforcement Pro touch All-round stick Great control
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The Pro Tour 10 is inspired by Osaka’s top model: The Pro Tour Limited. It has been designed and engineered specifically for the talented junior player with a 10% Carbon content, high-grade fibreglass and a thinner handle to allow for smaller hands. Available in three sizes: 34”, 35” and 36,5”; the Pro Tour 10 is the ideal stick for young talented players.

The Osaka Standard Bow is an excellent traditional all-round stick shape. The maximum bow point lies at 300mm from the head with a max height of 17mm. The handle has been made thinner to allow for smaller hands and the profile is elegant and modestly curved. This makes the design focused on great ball control and slap-shooting for junior players.

Product Features


  • 88% fibre glass
  • 10% carbon
  • 1% Kevlar Cross reinforcement
  • 1% Aramid Backhand Blade reinforcement


  • Available in SUPERLIGHT – weight chart
  • 24mm bow height
  • 250mm max bow position


  • 45° angle
  • 115mm length
  • 23,5mm thick
  • Kevlar reinforcement 


  • 27mm thick
  • Osaka Pro Touch BLACK (perforated)
  • 1mm VibraStop foam layer
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