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Compartments for cables
Great for traveling


Portable Power Bank Travel Carry Case


Retail: R400

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This deal expired on 2020-07-08.

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Smart and Practical Design for keeping your Cellphone accessories tidy and in one place.
This travel carry bag has storage space for a Cellphone, Power bank, earphones, USB cables and more!

Made from durable polyester material it will protect your items from scratches, dirt and even help prevent damage of your items should you accidentally drop this bag.
With the convenient hand strap, mesh compartments and durable zipper this bag is not only easy to use but long-lasting.

Product Features
  • Zipper closure
  • Nylon flat strap
  • Interior structure - 3 mesh pockets
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We'd bet anything that the poncho was designed by a man

And you know how we know this?

Simple: it's simple. Cut a hole in a piece of fabric and call it a day simple.

The poncho is the clothing equivalent of the Japanese flag. If we were to list step-by-step instructions on how to make one yourself, there'd be no Step Two.

If you're wondering how this ties into today's deals, it doesn't. These are just the things we think about when we're tasked with writing blurbs but we're completely out of inspiration.

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