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30 Jun 2020

The Brewers Soup Collective: COVID-19 Relief Meals

Please consider helping those who are struggling to feed themselves



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Join the ambitious soup-making project! 10 000 people fed daily 330ml of fresh soup per person per day
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The Brewers Soup Collective is a not-for-profit initiative that is funded by public donations and member contributions. The Brewers Soup Collective currently provides nutritious daily meals to more than 10 000 people across 12 communities. In the next few weeks, this output is likely to double.

The main members are the Woodstock Brewery, which is now a full-time soup kitchen, and District 6 Working Committee, the lead NGO which has wide networks on the Cape Flats and townships, and who coordinates the provision of food to various communities and grassroots NGOs on behalf of The Brewers Soup Collective.

The Brewers Soup Collective serves 10 000 people the following daily meal:
● 330ml fresh vegetable soup, cooked from fresh wholefood ingredients only, per person per day
● a quarter loaf of bread or two sandwiches per person per day

The Brewers Soup Collective would like to thank everyone for the outpouring of kindness and support so far for our big soup-cooking operation to feed hungry communities in Cape Town. 

For more info, checkout Brewer Soup

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