Pizza Oven Gen II (Compatible with 57cm Charcoal Kettle Grill)

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*Please note that a Charcoal Grill is not included it is only the Pizza oven attachment

kettleCADDY Pizza Oven Gen II was designed and patented in South Africa for the benefit of millions of PIZZA LOVERS around the world. We have received granted patent rights in South Africa and Australia. it is designed as an extension to any 57cm charcoal kettle. The Pizza Oven and all its accessories are made mainly from 430 Stainless Steel and carry a 5-Year warranty. 

Owning a pizza oven is NO LONGER just for the elite – every Tom, Dick & Harry can afford a kettleCADDY Pizza Oven.

Why THAT name? - kettleCADDY? Pizza Oven

So often people ask me why I chose kettleCADDY as the name of our product? Well, I am glad that you too are curious about the answer – it is first to tickle your curiosity!
However, there is also bit of “method in the madness” and the actual reason for the name, kettle [is because our oven fits on a kettle grill) CADDY [a caddy is generally
an object that is portable] and that is exactly the idea: - you can use your kettleCADDY Pizza Oven with your charcoal kettle grill anywhere you wish – AND it
fits in the trunk of your car. So, take it to the beach, picnic area, campsite or on your patio.

  • It is the REAL deal - your pizzas will taste the same as a pizza baked in a wood-fired pizza oven
  • It is AFFORDABLE - for the price of ±20-30 takeaway pizzas, you can buy your own pizza oven
  • It is extremely EFFECTIVE - it bakes pizzas in less than 3 minutes and the pizza stone is big enough to bake a LARGE [30cm] pizza
  • It is GUARANTEED - it is manufactured mainly from 430 stainless steel and your oven carries a 5-YEAR WARRANTY
  • It is PORTABLE - you can bake your pizzas anywhere outdoors, even on the beach
  • It is VERSATILE - although it is primarily a pizza oven, it can do bread, steak, fish, etc.
  • It is FUN - enjoy memorable moments of fun with family and friends. Just one kettleCADDY Pizza Oven can easily cater for a gathering of 20 people. REMEMBER you only need 3 minutes to bake a pizza and within 60minutes, everyone can eat.
Product Features
  • Manufactured with a food-grade 430 Stainless Steel
  • Bakes Pizzas in less than 3 minutes
  • Bakes small, medium and large pizzas
  • No assembly required
  • Extremely simple to use
  • Rustproof
  • Rotatable pizza stone to simplify the baking process
  • Fitted with a food guard to prevent pizzas from falling into the fire
  • Woodfired pizza oven
Product Specifications
  • Colour: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 59cm [Diameter] x 25cm [Height]
  • Weight: 11Kg
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Solid Wood, Pizza Stone Cement
  • Warranty: 5 Years
Whats in the Box
  • Pizza Oven Ring 57cm / 22.8in (430 S/Steel) (with profiles to fit the 57cm / 22.8in charcoal kettle grill drum & lid)
  • Pizza Oven Ring Handles (430 S/Steel with wooden grips)
  • Pizza Stone Support Bar (3CR12 S/Steel)
  • Support Bar Bottom (3CR12 S/Steel)
  • Pizza Stone Rotator Wheel (3CR12 S/Steel)
  • Barrier Basket (3CR12 S/Steel)
  • Pizza Stone (34cm x 20mm) / (13.6in x ¾in) (can be heated to 400°+ Celsius and bakes pizzas within 2-3 minutes)
  • Pizza Stone Stopper Plate (430 S/Steel)
  • Pizza Paddle/Peel (430 S/Steel with solid wooden handle)
  • Pizza Lifter Spatula (430 S/Steel with solid wooden handle)
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