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How to apply for a job

How to apply for a job

Over the years, we’ve received a crazy huge amount of applications - many of which weren’t good enough to consider for a position at OneDayOnly, let alone anywhere else. Often it's the quality of the email, letter, or CV itself that doesn't reflect who is applying for a job. Remember: those files are all we have to go on, so they need to be flawless.

The following pointers can help you greatly improve your chances of consideration. It's a cliché that you “only get one chance to make an impression” - but that’s because it’s true! Point is, if you tick one or more boxes in the "bad" column, your chances of being invited for an interview are greatly reduced. Not just with us, but anywhere.


  • If you send an empty email, with a CV attached.
  • If you send an email containing just the words "see attached" and a CV attached.
  • When you email the wrong email address. Yep, we see you doing it wrong, mister "attention to detail."
  • When you forget to attach your CV.
  • When you use jargon: what are monthly RTB submissions to SBs anyway?
  • Whe you apply for a job in the wrong city without indicating if you can or want to move.
  • When you copy paste the entire text of their CV into the body of the email. Please don't, it's unreadable.
  • When you apply on someone else's behalf - big nope! We mostly need people who can send an email with an attachment.
  • When we ask you to email us and you contact us via slow mail, LinkedIn, pigeon, or any other non-email channel.
  • When you print, copy and fax your CV first and then scan it before emailing us a 17MB file.
  • We don't need your certificates, ID documents, etc. (just yet). Just your CV is fine!


  • Putting your motivation/cover letter as the body text of the email.
  • Attaching your CV BEFORE you hit send.
  • Attaching your CV as a PDF to preserve the layout.
  • Starting with work experience, then education.
  • Listing these with the most recent at the top.
  • Spell checking. Obviously.
  • Showing us that you know our company and what we do.
  • Spell checking again.
  • Asking a friend to sense check and proofread your CV or letter.
  • And, pro tip: Avoid applying via platforms like PNet and Careers24, as all applications look identical, and you won't stand out.

Your CV

A good CV is no longer than 3 or 4 pages long. No exceptions. If you’re wondering why, remember: the people who are hiring you are often very busy, and you're one of hundreds of applicants. Time is money, so don’t use up too much of ours.

We don't need every detail of what you did seven years ago. Make it personal, instead of a list of bullet points. Throw in some hobbies, show us what you're like, let us know in what city you live - you know, that kind of stuff.

Never use Comic Sans. That one goes for life in general.

Bonus points

These are pretty easy enough to obtain, and can up your chances of being considered a heck of a lot. Winning!

  • Spend some time thinking about why you would be good for OneDayOnly.
  • Try to impress us. Write us a love letter, and really mean it.
  • Show that you understand our industry and the challenges.

Final thought: maybe we're not the only company you're applying to. Perhaps you've been looking for way too long to stay motivated. We get that. However, you should never give us the impression we're the 217th company you're applying to.

Now go and have a look at all the wonderful jobs we have on offer!

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