One Two FREE Four terms and conditions

This promotion is currently closed.

Discounts only apply when the one-two-FREE-four sales campaign is advertised on our home page.

How does this work?

Simple. Put four items in your cart and the cost of the cheapest item will be deducted off the grand total of your order. This will happen automatically on checkout (so not in the cart at the top of the page).

For example, if your purchased 4 items priced at R100, R200, R300 and R400, your total order would normally be R1000, but today you will receive a discount of the cheapest item, i.e. R100. Your new total will thus be R900.

How can I benefit from this special?

By putting more than three items in your cart, the fourth (and cheapest) one will be FREE!

Do I have to do anything for this?

Nope. It should all work automatically.

What happens to my discount if I return an item?

Your free item is applied as a discount to your total order (see the first point). Should you have to return an item or an item is not available, and we have to refund you, you will be refunded the price paid for the returned item minus the pro rata discount applied from your free item.

In the example above, should you have to return the item that cost R200, you will receive a refund of R200 less the pro-rata discount you received at checkout. That’s R200, divided by the total of R1000, times the discount of R100. Effectively then, we refund you R200 minus R20. We refund you R180.

In more detail:

  • Purchase 4 items and get the value of the cheapest item deducted off your order total.
  • Travel deals are excluded from this promotion.
  • Only one use of this special per customer per day.
  • Only products presented on the home page are available for the One Two FREE Four promotion (i.e. Clearance Sale items are not included).
  • Discount applied only once, i.e. you will not receive a second discount after adding 8 items to your cart.
  • Some items are limited to one per customer per order.
  • Not in conjunction with any other promotion, coupon and voucher.
  • OneDayOnly reserves the right to cancel the entire order and refund the customer in full should 2 or more items in the order not be available at time of delivery.
  • Subject to our usual terms and conditions.
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