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On Route In South Africa - Explore South Africa Region By Region


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On Route in South Africa is a classic travel guide that offers an unsurpassed range and depth of information about South African villages, towns and cities, and on the intriguing and informative tales they have to tell.

This fully revised and updated third edition has a new, contemporary look, and contains expanded text with more than 500 new photographs. The 37 chapters are arranged in logical sequence, beginning with Cape Town and radiating outwards. Each chapter corresponds to an established and coherent geographic or demographic area. Included are detailed regional maps, incorporating up-to-date place names, and complemented by route directions within the text.

On Route in South Africa contains a remarkable wealth of information, making it the perfect travel planner and companion.

Product Features
  • Explore SA
  • The perfect travel companion
  • Beautiful tales and photographs
  • The ultimate guide
  • Perfect for post-lockdown 
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