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16 May 2019

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Banana Books Box Set (30 Books)

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Great Authors Educational 30 Books Bright illustrations Ultimate box set!
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We've done this a few times and it always seems to go over well. Why wouldn't it? You're getting some serious bang for your buck (as the saying goes), and we're using the profits to stock our offices with fancy coffee.

Win win.

It does leave us horribly short on the word count for this here write up, though. Explaining how a 50% discount works doesn't exactly require your undivided attention.

So instead we'll hit you with this little-known fact: Movie trailers are called "trailers" because they used to be shown at the end of the movies, not before. Eventually common sense prevailed, but the name stuck.



The Ultimate Box Set with Top Selling Authors loved world-wide!

Green Banana

  • Very simple stories for the Youngest Readers
  • Three short stories that deals with the same characters, or are thematically linked
  • Speech bubbles for shared reading
  • 400-500 Words

Blue Banana

  • More challenging stories for Developing Readers
  • Single stories
  • Help to build reading stamina and confidence
  • 1000+ words

Red Banana

  • Chapter books for more Confident Readers
  • Introduction more complex characters and themes
  • Short chapters featuring longer unit of text
  • 2000+ Words
Titles in the Set Green Banana:
  • My Secret Alien
  • Circus Fun!
  • Shout, Show and Tell
  • Dinosaur Disasters
  • Flat Stanley and the Haunted House
  • One Windy Day
  • Pippa Goodhart
  • Jungle School
  • Under the Sea
  • Flora the Fairy
  • Flora the Fairy's Magic Spells
Titles in the Set Blue Banana:
  • Big Red Balloon
  • Monster Eyeballs
  • Follow the Swallow
  • Alfie's Great Escape
  • Flat Stanley Plays Ball
  • Sinclair the Wonder Bear
  • Mairi's Mermaid
  • Frogs Do Not Like Dragons
  • Norman the Naughty Knight
  • Dilly and the Birthday Treat
Titles in the Set Blue Banana:
  • Friday Surprise
  • The Terrible Time Without Tilly
  • My Brother Bernadette
  • Monty Wins the Cup
  • The Wrong Kind of Bark
  • The Football Ghosts
  • Spooky Soccer
  • Colly's Barn
  • Dragon Magic
  • Polly and the Pirates
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