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11 Sep 2019


Mini Air Purifier for Car

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Remove second-hand smoke Make your car healthy Good air Better driving
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This Car Air Purifier is a must-have! It can eliminate second-hand smoke, release negative ions, kill harmful viruses and increase concentration for long distance driving. The latest car air purifier is a portable car essential. It uses the latest technology, can release 4,800,000 pcs/cm³ negative ion and eliminate smoke within 6 seconds. It is becoming more and more popular among car owners. You can use it by inserting it into the 12V car cigarette lighter.

What can negative ions do? 

  • Improve lung function: Negative ions can produce active oxygen species, after absorbing negative oxygen ion, lungs can increase the absorption of oxygen by 20%, and more than 15% of carbon dioxide. It can also freshen air, smoke and dust. 
  • Promote metabolism: Activate the body's variety of enzymes. 
  • Elimination of fatigue: The negative ions can help eliminate fatigue. 
  • Sterilisation function: Negative ion with trace ozone are more likely to absorb a variety of viruses, bacteria and dust sterilization
Product Features
  • Anion Density: 4,800,000 pcs/ cm³. 
  • Consumed Power: ≤0.8 w. 
  • Product Weight: 40 g 
  • Applicable Occasions: Perfect for car or RV
  • Dimensions: 9 x 2.3 x 2.3 cm
  • Easy to use
  • Stainless Steel
“Great items on offer, and excellent customer support!” Colin, Benoni