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06 Aug 2020

Burano Italy

Lifestyle Unisex Nylon Strap Watches

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Lifestyle watch Sleek design Nylon strap Assorted faces Low profile face
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The name San Mauro comes from one of the joining quarters of the city of Burano. The bright colours and flashy face are indicative of the creative and excitable nature of the city. The timepiece was borne out of a desire to diversify the Burano Lifestyle range and aims to represent the less serious and historic side of the city. The timepiece aims to satisfy the casual wearer’s interest – affording some class in a dressed-down outfit.

The name San Martino comes from one of the joining quarters of the city of Burano. The vibrant colours of the nato watch strap and understated simplistic face, blended with the playful heart of the city. This watch is the brother to the San Mauro, showing off more of the relaxed side of the city as opposed to its serious historical roots. This Italian-inspired timepiece can be paired off with elegant and casual wear to give that extra touch of sporty class.

Product Features
  • Lifestyle watch with classic design
  • Unisex
  • Sleek finish
  • Japanese Movement
  • Mineral Crystal
  • Steel Casing
  • Stylish nylon strap
  • Low profile face
  • Face: Pure White
Product Specifications
  • 45g weight
  • 41mm face
  • 6-month warranty

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