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Letterland Alphabet Storybook & Help with Homework Board Books with Wipe-clean Pen (3 Books)


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It's never too early to enjoy learning!

These preschool activity books - from the long-established Help with Homework brand - aim to nurture an enjoyment of early learning while laying the foundations of key numeracy and literacy skills.

Introduce little learners to pen-control, numbers, and ABC's with this fantastic Help with Homework wipe-clean activity bundle.

Each page teaches your child different concepts and gives them the opportunity to form their own. The wipe-clean surface ensures they can practise again and again with their very own wipe-clean pen and eraser. Chunky tabbed pages enable little fingers to easily find the numbers they want to learn.

My First Numbers Wipe-clean Board Book

Take the first steps in learning to count. With wipe-clean pages and a chunky, easy-to-hold pen, early learners can practise and play every day.

  • Wipe-clean exercises that can be enjoyed again and again
  • Includes a wipe-clean pen and eraser for no-mess fun
  • A fun and engaging way to practise key skills and prepare for school
  • Portable carry-handle shape ensures you can enjoy learning wherever you go

My First Pen Control Wipe-clean Board Book

My First Pen Control develops dexterity and pen control, preparing learners for handwriting lessons

Take the first steps in learning to write. With wipe-clean pages and a chunky, easy-to-hold pen, early learners can practise and play every day.

Help little learners understand pen control with this fantastic Help With Homework activity book. Each page provides an opportunity for children to practise different writing forms - the basis from which they will eventually learn to form words.

Dippy Duck's Day of Discovery - A Journey Through the Alphabet

Dippy Duck is showing one of her ducklings around Letterland on a day of discovery, but Dippy's duckling keeps disappearing! Can you spot the missing duckling in any of the thirteen detailed scenes? Featuring all the Letterland characters, every scene also has plenty of things to find that begin with each sound of the alphabet.

Product Features
  • Aimed at Ages 3+
  • Perfect for home learning!
  • Includes wipe-clean pen


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