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12 Nov 2019


Jet 100 Series Exercise Bike

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Jet 100 Exercise bike 5" LCD display 32 levels of resistance Stylish Get fit fast
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The Reebok jet 100 series exercise bike provides a comprehensive set of features to help you benefit from the best possible cycling workout. With a large 5 inch LCD screen with dual backlight, you can easily view your progress as well as key performance statistics such as; speed, time elapsed, distance and your pulse, which is recorded via the conveniently located pulse sensors on the bike's handlebars. Cycling provides a fantastic cardiovascular workout and focuses on the lower body muscles, with the glutes, hamstrings and quads constantly engaged throughout the exercise. The 32 levels of resistance provided by the jet 100 bike challenge these muscles further, and coupled with 19 programs you can keep your workouts varied. The upright bike boasts a 9kg flywheel, adjustable pedals and a comfort saddle which all go towards facilitating a smooth and comfortable bike ride.

Product Features
  • 5" LCD Display
  • 32 levels of resistance
  • 19 pre-set programmes
  • 9kg flywheel
  • Integrated hand pulse sensors
Product Specifications
  • Dimensions: 102cm x 51cm x 134cm
  • Weight: 35kg
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