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04 Apr 2018


Portable Rechargeable Battery Powered Shower

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Waterproof, portable shower Weighs less than 600g Great for camping, toddlers, or pets Battery powered

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Perfect full pressure shower solution for camping, Afrikaburn, controlling water usage or Day Zero!

Prepare your bucket to your desired shower temperature using a kettle or immersion heater. No need to pump your foot, the USB charged battery will do all the work for you! 1.8m hose allows showerhead to be mounted at a good height. Weighs less than 600g, making it easy to handle. Here is a waterproof, battery-powered portable shower that can serve multiple purposes indoors or out. By drawing water from virtually any bucket, basin or sink, the Ivation portable shower system turns a pool of water into a gentle shower-like stream on demand.

This level of mobility and shower-anywhere capability is great for many uses such as on-the-go showering for campers and hikers, accessible poolside or beach showering; gentle bathtub showering for toddlers/babies. An easy, portable water stream for home car washers, outdoor horse cleaning, and even house-pet washing in the bathtub.

A built-in rechargeable 2200mAh lithium battery powers the Ivation portable shower for up to 60 minutes on a single charge. Charging is easy via USB connection to a computer or laptop, or with a 12v car adapter (Not Included). Couple that with the included suction cup and hanging hook, and you’ve got a shower ready when you are.The suction cup works on most flat surfaces and allows parents to use both hands when showering their children. Use the S-shaped hook when camping to hang the lightweight Ivation showerhead on any nearby branch, and voila!

Product Features
  • Indoor & Outdoor handheld shower: Transforms Sink or Bucket of Water Into Instant Shower Stream
  • Water-Resistant Unit which includes One Touch On/Off Switch
  • Perfectly pleasing pressure: Showerhead features one simple flow rate for a comfortable bathing experience
  • Gentle enough for seniors, babies and pets
  • Suction cup support: Shower head securely sticks to any flat surface with provided suction cup
  • Bonus S-Style hook lets you hang it safely overhead
  • Battery powered convenience: Rechargeable pump plugs into laptop, car adapter or computer via USB
  • Full charge give about 1 hour of continuous use
  • Compact 7 Portable: Small, discreet system packs easily in luggage, backpack or car trunk
  • Can be used for: Hiking, camping, kid bathing and pet cleaning
Product Specifications
  • Rechargeable: up to 1 hour of use from a 2-5 hour charge by USB cable and 5V plug
  • Flow rate: 2-2.5 litres/min provides sufficient flow while using water efficiently
  • Hose: 1.8m hose provides a comfortable shower experience
  • On/off switch: enables you to military shower
  • Light: very versatile at a weight of less than 600g
  • Filter: built-in water filter removes large particulates
  • Useful beyond day zero: Camping, beach trips, afrikaburn or washing cars, pets or kids
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