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11 Jan 2019


Unisex Adjustable Fat Freezer Belt with 10 Glycerine Sheets

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Lose weight Non Surgical Adjustable belt Suitable for most areas Sculpt your body by freezing your fat cells Use once every month for great results!
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The new non-surgical alternative to liposuction

This new patented technology recently discovered by renowned doctors and scientists is called Cold Lipolysis. It's the latest method of using extreme low temperatures that have been proven to freeze, destroy and dissolve fat cells on the treated area, in just one application.

This method is clinically approved and it's proven not to damage the skin or neighbouring tissues. When fat cells are frozen at these extreme cold temperatures, they crystallise, die and do not regenerate. They are eliminated by your body through a process called Apoptosis (a natural cell death) with results within 4 to 8 weeks after treatment.

Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive fat removal procedure. It is the cooling of subcutaneous fat cells, which induces lipolysis, which is the breaking down of the fat cells, without damaging any of the surrounding tissues or the skin. Following the procedure, the fat breaks down over a period two to four months, resulting in fat loss that appears entirely natural. Cryolipolysis works on the basis that fat cells are more vulnerable to energy extraction, in the case cooling, than the surrounding tissues. That means that Cryolipolysis will break down the fat cells, but not the surrounding tissues.

Once cooled, the fat cells then undergo apoptosis, which is controlled cell death. When apoptosis happens, the fat cell wall breaks down causing lipids (fats) from the cells to be released.

The science behind Cryolipolysis was first published in Lasers in Surgery and Medicine in 2008, where Dieter Manstein MD, PhD and R. Rox Anderson and their team demonstrated that under controlled conditions, subcutaneous fat cells (fat cells situated between the skin and muscles layers) are more vulnerable to the effects of cold than other surrounding tissues, and that prolonged cooling of these fat cells can cause those cells to reduce in number, without damaging any of the surrounding tissues, a process referred to as selective cryolysis.

Cryolipolysis is not a permanent solution to fat loss whilst it reduces fat cells that already present, it cannot prevent remaining fat cells from increasing in size so individuals will have to maintain their fat loss either through a combination of diet and exercise or further Slim Freezer Cryolipolysis treatments every 30 days.

Product Features:
  • Lose an average of 20 per cent of fat cells in the treated area
  • Sculpt your body by freezing your fat cells
  • The newest technology to climate localised fat, using extreme low temperatures to freeze, destroy and dissolve fat cells
  • Just select the part of your body that you want to change forever
  • Remove bulges, love handles, belly fat, back fat and muffin tops 

Please note:

  • Only treat an area once every 30 days 
  • You may treat various parts
  • No need to use the Slim freezer on a daily basis
  • For continuous results, use once every month

Do not use Slim Freezer if you are pregnant, under the age of 18, have any heart-related illnesses, suffer from epilepsy, fever, inflammation, dermatitis (acne, eczema, herpes), warts, open or recently stitched wounds, serious or progressive illnesses (cancer, AIDS, hepatitis, blood diseases), blood coagulation problems or mental illness.

Directions for use:

  • With a marker select the area you want to treat 
  • Most popular areas are the hips love handles, tummy, inner and outer thighs and arms
  • Apply the Glycerine membrane sheet on the same area
  • Place the Slim Freezer on top of the Glycerine membrane sheet to start the treatment
  • Simply chose from two settings: Setting 1 lasts for 30 minutes to tone
  • Setting 2 lasts for 60 minutes to eliminate fat cells
  • We highly recommend using Setting 2 for best results
  • After using the Slim Freezer, massage the treated area in circular motions for at least 1 minute

What's in the box:

  • Slim Freezer with adjustable belt
  • 10x glycerine sheets (Simply attach one sheet onto the body surface to be treated as this will protect your skin during the treatment)
  • Instructional Booklet
“4.2 stars” Google reviews rating