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I'm Ready… for Phonics! Levels 1 - 12 (12 Books)


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Ladybird I'm Ready for Phonics readers uses simple language and engaging, humorous stories to help children develop their phonics skills.

The series has been carefully written to give gradual, structured practice of the synthetic phonics your child is learning at school. The books introduce phonemes in a similar order to the way they are taught in most UK schools and provide practice of common tricky words, such as the, and said, that cannot be sounded out.

Ladybird I'm ready for Phonics closely follows the order that a child is taught phonics in school, from initial letter sounds to key phonemes and beyond. It helps to build reading confidence through practice of these phonics building blocks and reinforces school learning in a fun way. With simple vocabulary and subtle comprehension cues, these phonic readers will encourage, motivate, and ignite children's excitement about reading.

Level 1 - Captain Comet's Space Party

Level 1 teaches children to find the sound at the beginning of a word - the initial letter sound.

Level 2 - Nat Naps!

Level 2 teaches s a t p i n.

Level 3 - Top Dog

Level 3 teaches sounds: m d g o c k ck.

Level 4 - Huff! Puff! Run!

Level 4 teaches e u r h b f ff l ll ss.

Level 5 - Fix it Vets

Level 5 teaches j v w x y z zz qu.

Level 6 - Dash Is Fab

Level 6 teaches ch sh th (soft) th (hard) ng.

Level 7 - Big, Big Fish

Level 7 teaches sounds: ai ee oa oo (long) oo (short).

Level 8 - Dig, Farmer, Dig!

Level 8 teaches sounds: ar or ur ow oi er.

Level 9 - Fun Fair Fun

Level 9 teaches sounds: igh ear air ure.

Level 10 - Wow, Wowzer

Level 10 looks back at the sounds covered in the previous levels and introduces longer words to increase children's vocabulary.

Level 11- Wizard Woody

Level 11 teaches alternative spellings for some of the sounds covered in the previous levels.

Level 12- Monster Stars

Level 12 teaches different pronunciations for the same grapheme, for example the /i/ in 'milk' is pronounced differently to the /i/ in 'tiger'.


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