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30 Jun 2020


23000mah H24 Power Bank with Jumper Cables

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Start your engine in seconds Essential tool Convenient day-today use
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Start your engine in a matter of seconds with the all in one Military Grade sparkles Hummer Jump Starter that works also as a power bank and emergency torchlight. A powerful compact range of Hummer jump starters provide up to 20 jump starts on a single charge. Hummer jump starters are capable to jump start vehicles up to 7.0L Petrol and Diesel engines, making them an essential emergency tool for all kind of automotive vehicle s. Doubling up as a power bank, each Hummer jump starter offers practical, convenient day-to-day use and travel. 

Product Features 
  • Can Jump Start-Up To 36 Ton Truck
  • 23 000mAh power bank with jumper leads
  • 24V-1200A-up to 36-ton truck
  • 12V-900A-7.0LGAS/6.0L Diesel up-to 20 jump starts per charge
  • Full charging time:12 hours
  • Battery standby time up to 9-12 months
  • USB output 5V/2A
  • Input 14V/1A
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