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Handwoordeboek Van Die Afrikaanse Taal (Taal-en Feitegids)


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 The new must-have book! For every school and home, for the coffee table and the waiting room, to pick up and just page through, to learn new facts or to jog your memory...

The guidelines and information are based on the experience and practical knowledge gained by the author, Tom McLachlan, in his long professional career as lecturer and teacher and as language practitioner in particular. He is a former chairperson of the Language Commission of the SA Academy for Science and Arts and is acknowledged as an authority on present-day Afrikaans.

Product Features
  • About 6 000 thoroughly researched encyclopedic articles.
  • Information about South Africa, Africa and the rest of the world.
  • About 300 illustrations and QR codes scannable by cell phone app to unlock additional information, audio and video clips and images from the internet and on the HAT webpage.
  • The articles cover the countries of the world, as well as historical events, important persons and places, classical and popular music, literature, the visual arts, architecture, theatre, movies, mythology, religion, sport and much more.
  • South African sports heroes from yesterday and today.
  • South African writers, artists, musicians, and actors.
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