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High cleaning power
Optimal cleaning results
Powerful detergent
Integrated rinse aid function
The perfect clean


5kg German Made Dishwasher Powder + Packet of 8 Dishwashing Tablets


Retail: R260

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Brilliants German made dishwasher powder contain enzymes and active oxygen which gives it their high cleaning power. It is designed to dissolve at different stages during the wash cycle, allowing for optimal results and brilliant clean dishes. Each tablet provides powerful detergent, an intergrated rinse aid function, salt for prevention of lime scale build ups, anti glass corrosion action, cutlery and dishwasher protection and finally a power booster to remove most encrusted stains. German made German quality.

Product Features
  • German made quality
  • Contains enzymes and active oxygen for high cleaning power
  • Dissolves at different stages for optimal results
  • Powerful detergent
  • Integrated rinse aid function
  • Salt for prevention of lime scale corrosion build-ups
  • Anti glass corrosion 
  • Cutlery and dishwasher protection
  • Power booster for the toughest of stains
Product Specifications
  • Pack includes: 5kgs of Dishwashing Powder + 8 Dishwashing Tablets
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