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08 Nov 2019

Floormax Roto Clean

3-in-1 Indoor or Outdoor Broom with Built-in Dustpan

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Easy to use Convenient Time saver Less dust Perfect for indoor or outdoor use A must have for any household!

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Cleaning made easy!!!

Tired of getting down on the floor to clean up mess with your dust pan and brush? The Roto Clean picks up pet food, cereal and much more with ease!

No cords, bags or batteries needed - you only need to push the sweeper to achieve a good cleaning effect. The Roto Clean is a 3-in-1 sweeper that comes with a broom, dustpan, and a trash bin. The handle is adjustable to suit the height of your choice.

Not for use on carpets, this has been designed for any hard-flat floor wooden floor, plastic floor, marble, ceramic tile, cement floor.

How it works:

The operation is simple the two 360-degree rotating circle corner brushes maximize dirt pick-up along baseboards and in hard to reach areas, while the twisted bristle brush extends across the wide cleaning path for superior fine particle pick-up.

Product Features:
  • 3-in-1 Broom, Dustpan and Trash bin
  • Convenient and Easy to Use
  • No Cords or Batteries needed
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Designed for any hard-flat floor wooden floors including
    • Plastic floor
    • Marble
    • Ceramic tile
    • Cement floor.
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