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14 Sep 2018

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Harrison Desk

Gone are the days of heavy and bulky desks that need an entire room of their own. The Fine Living Harrison Desk, with its metal frame and super sleek finish, is what a modern desk is made of. You won’t want to hide this desk away in a study as it's been designed to effortlessly fit into your home, giving your workspace a modern and minimalist feel.

Stanford Desk

Create your own personal workspace from home with the modern and sleek Fine Living Stanford Desk. The desk is not just purely functional but has a neutral finish so that it seamlessly fits in with the décor of your home. The desk is also extendable which is ideal for space-strapped homes, while allowing you to create additional workspace for your computer, files, and papers.

Abby Desk

Create your own little work nook in your home with the stylish Fine Living Abby Desk. Perfect for laptop work or as a personal admin space, the desk features three draws to store paper, stationery, files, or whatever else you may need on hand. The desk’s sleek design is the perfect space saver, and with its modern wood and white veneers, it will fit seamlessly with your home’s décor.

Product Features

Harrison Desk

  • Arrives Flat Packed
  • Will need to be assembled from scratch
  • Aluminium Legs
  • Wooden table top
  • Aluminium Basket

Dimensions: (2 Boxes)

  • Packaging: Box 1 - 126x55x2.5cm
  • Packaging: Box 2 - 92x40x14cm
  • Built Dimensions - 120x60x75Hcm
  • Weight - 14.2kgs

Stanford Desk

  • Arrives Flat Packed
  • Will need to be assembled from scratch
  • Aluminum Legs
  • Wooden table top

Dimensions: (2 Boxes)

  • Packaging: 111x66x19cm
  • Built Dimensions - 100x60x76Hcm
  • Weight - 22.6kgs

Abby Desk

  • Arrives Flat Packed
  • Will need to be assembled from scratch
  • Wooden Legs
  • Wooden table top

Dimensions: (2 Boxes)

  • Packaging: Box 1 - 122x65.5x5.5cm
  • Packaging: Box 2 - 74x17x9.5cm
  • Built Dimensions - 110x50x75Hcm
  • Weight - 25.5kgs
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