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Frequently Asked Questions

Our current most F.A. Questions are:

When will I get my order?

Your order will be shipped within 5-10 working days, unless otherwise specified. See your My Orders page for the very latest details we have, but rest assured, as soon as your order is ready for dispatch, we’ll send you a mail with the tracking info. READ MORE

Why do I pay for shipping?

Instead of hiding the shipping costs in the price of the product, we decided to be transparent and show it. This lets us cut our prices to the bare minimum and show you the best possible savings. It also means you don’t pay double for shipping if you order more than one item. READ MORE

Can I return a product?

Yes! If you have a query or concern with any of your purchases,Contact us and one of our friendly CS agents will assist you as ASAP as possible. READ MORE

How can we help you?

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