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Sylvanian Families

Elegant Town Manor & Floral Cat Family Set


Retail: R1,100

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Elegant Town Manor

Elegant Town Manor is a luxury two-storey house, home to Chocolate Rabbit Older Sister. Elegant Town Manor features a high ceiling, and the second floor has a very spacious feel to it. The second floor ceiling includes a very luxurious chandelier. Outside the door lies a stylish balcony. The spiral staircase can be used independently, and can be placed anywhere in the building.

Product Features

Elegant Town Manor

  • Chocolate Rabbit Older Sister's house
  • Comes with a standalone spiral staircase
  • Includes a stylish balcony on the second floor
  • Stimulates imaginative role-playing by children.
  • Suitable for ages three years and above

What is Included

  • Main Unit, 
  • Roof, Chandelier, 
  • Spiral Staircase, 
  • Ceiling, 
  • Aisle, 
  • Window x2, 
  • Fence x2, 
  • Terrace Fence x3, 
  • Roof Decoration x4 (a total of 17 pieces).
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