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06 Dec 2018


Electronic Insect UV Lamp & Suction Fan Flying Insect & Mosquito Trap

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Picture this - a glorious sunny day, the picnic blanket is out on the fresh cut grass; you’ve got your homemade coleslaw, cheese ploughman’s sandwich and those sweet sugar coated strawberries for afters. As you’re basking in the sun, with your eyes closed and feeling the warmth on your face you begin to hear that familiar, high pitched buzzing noise you could hear in the bedroom last night. It’s that infuriating mosquito you were trying to splat – and he’s coming back for more!!! Your leisure should not be disturbed by a meaningless parasite - trap them and destroy them with the Ideaworks Vortex Electronic Insect Trap!

The electronic insect killer works by emitting UV light and titanium dioxide that mimics human scent to attract insects such as mosquitoes. The vacuum suction does the rest – it sucks them into the cage so you will never hear from that creature again. It’s fast, incredibly effective, and safe from danger or chemicals.

Its coverage is magnificent; it can attract and destroy parasites like flies and mosquitoes. Perfect if you are having a picnic or BBQ outdoors and you want you and your family to be mosquito bite free!

Are you finding that the warmer the weather, the more your house attracts flies and mosquitos? Obviously you want to keep your home nice and cool with the patio doors open, but that doesn’t mean you should compromise! The electric insect trap works indoors too, you can leave it on all day and all night – it runs incredibly quietly so at least you won’t be disturbed by either the machine’s noise or an annoying buzz!

To get the most out of your electronic insect trap; place it where you are choosing to sit or eat at least two hours before seating. This way the nearby insects will be attracted to the trap and not your delicious food!

Product Features:
  • Vortex Electronic Insect Trap kills flies, mosquitoes, moths and more
  • Waterproof insect trap is perfect for either indoors or outdoors
  • UV light and titanium dioxide attracts insects and vacuum fan draws in and kills insects
  • Pesticide and odour free it lures in insects, without exposing you to harmful chemicals
  • For use all day and all night with no harmful chemicals needed
“Excellent product selection!” Paul, Sandton