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20 Jan 2020

Japanese Diatomite

Earth Self Drying Hygienic Bath Mat (3 Colours Available)

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Earth Self Drying Hygienic Bath Mat Anti-bacterial Easy to clean
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Japanese Diatomite Earth Mats are made of fossilized phytoplankton, or diatoms, that provide essential benefits such as super absorbency, quick drying and dehumidifying ability, mould/bacteria inhibitor and deodorant.

Natural Diatomaceous Earth bath mats are made from 100% natural diatomite and contain no harmful chemical substances. It is eco-friendly and provides green living with its super absorption of moisture. It is self-drying, anti-slip and never absorbs germs or smells.

Product Features

Super Absorption

  • Made of Diatomaceous Earth, it contains millions of micropores, allowing the mat to immediately absorb water off your feet. Within seconds you can see the watermarks vanish, keeping water off your floor. This promotes safety by preventing dangerous slip accidents. A MUST HAVE in households with children.


  • This Japanese Diatomite Bath Mat does not absorb any germs or smells and keeps your bathroom dry, clean and healthy. Your wiser choice for your family.

Bacteria And Mold Resistant

  • Have you flipped over your traditional fabric bath mats recently? You’ll often find discolouration caused by mould/bacteria build up. Damp areas provide an ideal breeding ground for mould/bacteria. Now you won’t have to deal with this unhygienic issue. The all-natural properties of our Japanese Diatomite Bath Mat’s, it makes it difficult for the bacteria or mould to accumulate on it. Make the right choice for your family and you will never go back.

Easy To Clean

  • No more throwing in your mould infested bath mat in the laundry with your clothes. If there is a stain, simply wipe it down with a wet sponge/cloth. For deeper stain, use a 400 grit sandpaper to lightly sand away the stain to refresh its functionality and appearance.

Feel And Texture On Your Feet / Design

  • It’s sleek yet earthy design will compliment any style of home décor. The texture of the mat under your freshly washed feet will feel organic and soothing. You will be stepping on a cool slate-like surface. It will be a fascinating experience to feel the water being sucked right off your feet. Complete the refreshing experience of showering/bathing by using your Japanese Diatomite Bath Mats.
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