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08 Jul 2020


DuActiva Broom with Foam Strip & Dustpan

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2-in-1 Anti-dust Easy to use Must-have for every household!
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The DuActiva Broom from Vileda has 2 different sides, bristles and a foam strip to make sure all dirt and hair particles can be swept in 1 sweep!

The Vileda DuActiva uses the latest 2 in 1 technology. The broom has two different sides and two different functions which means twice the benefit!

The DuActiva broom brush won't leave anything behind!

The bristles gather up dust and dirt even on uneven surfaces, and its unique foam layer creates a barrier to dust on smooth surfaces. 

Product Features
  • Perfect for a one-sweep clean on floors indoors without raising any dust.
  • 2 in 1 anti-dust broom. - Combines 2 sweeping materials: Bristles on one side and electrostatic foam on the other
  • Gathers dirt and dust in one sweep, without raising dust
  • Recommended broom position depending on the floor type: - Tiles: bristles first. Wooden - Floors: foam first
  • Foam is easy to clean with water or a damp cloth
  • DuActiva broom gathers dirt and dust in just one sweep - without raising dust; suitable for all indoor hard floors
  • DuActiva broom combines foam on one side and fine bristles on the other for improved cleaning
  • Includes a dustpan!

“4.2 stars” Google reviews rating