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Donate Towards COVID-19 Survival Boxes

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This deal expired on 2020-05-10.

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Boost Africa Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation that inspires individuals and the community around them to unlock their potential. Alongside ongoing educational activities, Boost Africa Foundation works at building bridges between stakeholders that can facilitate systemic and sustainable change.

Boost Africa Foundation is well-positioned in the community to respond to the current crisis and have mobilised their network to distribute emergency supplies to those in need.

All COVID-19 donations will go to Boost Africa Foundation, allowing them to distribute emergency supplies to those in need. Every R600 allows Boost Africa Foundation to distribute enough food supplies to last the average family one month. The hope is to provide those who have lost income due to the crisis relief for 3 months.

Product Features

Boost has designed a fast and affordable emergency food system to feed families in vulnerable communities.

Lockdown has a significant impact on families and a strategic, smart and consistent food solution is needed to alleviate the effects.

Emergency food box: R600 feeds 1 family for 1 month.

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Please note 

Because of the time-sensitive nature of this deal, certain features in checkout such as the requirement for a delivery address still exist. Whilst this does not have any bearing on the donation, we felt that developing a unique checkout page specifically for the purpose of this donation related deal would take up the time we simply did not have.

Please feel free to enter any delivery address for the sake of completing checkout; this will have no effect whatsoever on the donation.

Further, any automated emails received subsequent to checkout will also read in line with our standard method of delivery - these to have no bearing on this specific donation deal.

Voucher codes are not valid/do not apply to this deal. 

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