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16 May 2019


Dark Pink Portable Waterproof Fesonic Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush

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Revolutionary device Deep clean Suitable for all kinds of skin Reveals youthful radiance Built-in battery Waterproof design Portable and lightweight
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The Igia Fesonic Facial Cleaner uses Sonic Cleansing Technology which uses thousands of pulsations per minute for a deep and thorough facial cleansing.

Hand-held design can release your hands and allows the removal of dead skin cells, unclogs pores of dirt, oil, and makeup residue as well as the reduction of the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles.

Waterproof and portable design for ease of use and convenience. You can use our non-abrasive facial cleaner with your favourite cleanser and it produces more deep-cleansing micro-foam bubbles

No brush-heads replacement needed and no pain from harsh nylon bristles. Much safer than other facial cleansing brushes. No batteries to replace, ever! Conveniently rechargeable in minutes, lasts for weeks or months on a single charge.

High-tech, fully-adjustable sonic vibrations & thousands of gentle massage points on the Igia Fesonic Facial Cleaner work in harmony; generating thousands more tiny bubbles which can help make your cleansing treatments more effective.Directions

How to use:

1. Remove makeup, wet skin and apply regular cleanser (try not to use clay based cleanser or cleansers with scrubbing particles.
2. Wet brush surface and turn on by pressing the center button once. To switch to low-intensity, press again (press once more to turn off device*).
3. Use the brush surface (general cleansing zone or precision zone depending on area of face) to cleanse the skin. Spend around 15 seconds on each area.
4. Go over certain areas again using the deep cleansing zone (back side of device).
5. Cleanse the brush with water and soap after each use.

Product Features:
  • All the benefits of deep cleansing in one compact, palm-sized device.
  • Just 1 minute of use twice daily cleanses and transforms the skin by removing blemish-causing impurities.
  • Promising a brighter, more radiant complexion
  • Offers you clear, clean and healthier looking skin
“Very impressive after sales service!!” Paul, Sandton